• Nilfisk UZ964 Commercial Vacuum HS107410423Commercial hip vacuum for cleaning in hard-to-navigate areas.The obvious choice for vacuum cleaning in theatres, cinemas, shops and coaches and a great complementary duster. UZ 964 ERGOCLEAN makes cleaning in hard-to-navigate places easy. UZ 964 ERGOCLEAN rests comfortably on operator's hips. There is no back or...

    £ 299.00
  • Kentucky Mop Twine 12oz/340g (Pack Of 5)Designed for cleaning large areas.The Twine Kentucky Mop Head is a thinner and more durable mop head. It is hard-wearing and is the best type of mop head for cleaning rough and uneven surfaces.This type of mop head needs to be attached to the handle with a special fitting.

    £ 12.95
  • Bleach 5 Litre (2 x 5 Litre Bottles)Quality versatile bleach that is ideal for hard surfaces such as floors, toilets chopping boards, drains and gulleys along with mopping equipment.Great for keeping outdoor areas sanitised and germ free.Sold as a case of 2 x 5 Litre bottles.

    £ 6.95
  • Heavy Duty Foam Backed Scourers - GreenCleans tough baked on hard to clean mess.Makes tough jobs fast and easy.Can be used on heavy-duty jobs such as cast iron pots, stove burners, garden tools and other household items.Perfect on grills, pots, pans and ovens.Dimensions: 140mm x 850mm x 30mm

    £ 4.95
  • Selden Diamond Brite Polish (2 X 5 Litres)Easy to use - no burnishing required. Maximum scuff resistance. Low maintenance requirement.•Dries to a wet look gloss. •Protects and prolongs the life of flooring materials.

    £ 30.95
  • Pelican Pump Dispenser For Use With 5 litre containerIdeal for quickly and smoothly dispensing chemicals from a 5-litre container.It features a non-corrosive stainless steel spring, and is constructed of polypropylene to increase chemical compatibility.  The pump easily disassembles for cleaning and delivers a consistent 30ml dosage.

    £ 4.95
  • Dispenser for Bibs On RollsSuitable for table top use or can be attached to a wall.These dispensers hold one roll of bibs and make it simple to tear off each bib at the perforations.Can be used in a variety of care, dental and beauty settings. 

    £ 14.95
  • Natural Luxury 3 Ply Embossed Toilet Rolls (Pack Of 30 Rolls)​A new generation of ecological papers made from 100% recycled beverage cartons, resulting a very high quality tissue, with good strength and softness characteristics. The pulp has been left undyed and free of any colouring or bleach. 

    £ 10.95